First Full Release


The Moodle Toolkit is now out of Beta and into first formal release and can be downloaded here:

Moodle Toolkit Version 1

The documentation has been updated and is here Moodle ToolKit Documentation v2

This version now includes new functionality that enables charts to be viewed in Microsoft Excel – this will require the included spreadsheet to be in the same folder as the project:

JISC Toolkit Charts



JISC Toolkit has now gone Beta


New version can be downloaded from following link.

JISC Moodle Toolkit Beta Version 1

Updated documentation and new help video to follow soon.

College wide reports now improved allowing much more granular reporting.

Logo can now be configured from within the Toolkit.

Improved success comparison reporting throughout.

Numerous bugs squashed.


Toolkit Initial release


The initial release of the JISC Moodle Toolkit is available to download from here:-

Moodle Toolkit Vers alpha 3 

Documentation for the project is included here:-

Moodle ToolKit Documentation v1

Please take the time to carefully read through the documentation as the initial setup procedures need to be followed to successfully use the toolkit.

For help or feedback please email me at

Welcome to the Jisc Moodle Toolkit blog

Welcome to the blog for a project to create a reporting toolkit for moodle. This project has been funded by Jisc through the Innovation through technology funding call. The project is being led by East Riding College and is building on work which has previously been done at the College creating reports combining data from the management information system (MIS) with moodle. The project aim is to create an ‘off-the-shelf’ toolkit which can be used by any organisation in the sector to provide more detailed reporting on learner activity in moodle without a need for significant technical expertise. In addition to East Riding College, a further six colleges are also collaborating in the project as part of the steering group. These are:

  • Barnsley College
  • Grimsby College
  • John Leggott College
  • Sheffield College
  • Uxbridge College
  • Wakefield College

The collaborating partners will be directly involved in the development of the toolkit, attending steering group meetings to guide the types of reports being created, liaising internally with the MIS teams at their own colleges to implement the toolkit and ensuring through their feedback to the software developer that the finished toolkit is a product which is fit for their purposes.

The bulk of the work required is to be carried out through the appointment of a Data Analyst to be based at East Riding College. This post is currently being advertised and interviews will be carried out on 12 June 2014. Following this appointment, work will begin in earnest.